Who we Are

Art & Investments is an international platform which, in collaboration with Galleries and Curators, offers works by Italian and non-Italian artists and photographers.
Each artist and photographer is presented in order to give useful information to the client / collector, to evaluate the real investment and possibly proceed with the purchase.
On the platform you will also find an Articles section, where you can find insights on topics related to Art and photography.

The mission of Art & Investments, even before the sale of the works, is to help make the Artists and Photographers placed on the platform more known and visible, both in Italy and worldwide.
In a special section (Only 15 Days) there will be a 30% discounted sales opportunity by linking the offer to a time gap, after which the Opera will return to its official quotation value.

Each work sold will be delivered with an authentic and certificate.
A part of the remuneration of Art & Investments linked to the proceeds from the sale of the works will always be donated to medical research.